Pertemuan dan Perpisahan...

Setiap pertemuan pasti ada perpisahan..it was about 8 months am working at Pejabat Pengurus Besar Negeri Selangor..under Rehab 33kv Unit. subordinate to my boss which is En Isran....xpernah jangka akan rasa sedih bila boss bertukar ke tempat lain..and now i felt that way...my boss is xbyk ckp n bile ckp he will came out with the idea. my boss is very tolerate personand very particular,,and that was the way he teached me kot..im new..im fresh..im straight..im very linear..i dont have any working experienced in this field before..and most of the tyme am blurr..hahaha..but, after entered rehab..i think i learned many things about technical and management and also dealing with others. Dear boss, gudluck for you as a PK nnt..Pengurus Kawasan Pasir Gudang gituu..n wish me luck too..even it was just a short tyme being under ur controll (ur subordinate)...sedikit sebanyak i feel lost..am loosing u..huwaaa...how about my projecttt..how about my direct nego, how about my tender float..how about the PPU Motorola....now, rasa takot n rasa mcm hilang guidance..hopefully, boss baru ok..n can be a teacher for me too...

Dear boss...thank you!

and my boss said, kalau u nak lebih berjaya..u have to be more firm! i realised...im playful and kdg2 mcm xmatured pon ade...rase mcm u r my dad,,not my boss...keh3...


Mood balik kampung langsung pikiran melayang2

Location: ofis

jasad: ofis

fikiran: atas bus------->smpai umah KB

wish list:
  1. i wish now is 5 o'clock. so that i can rush balik rumah. siap2 naek bus balik kapong!

  2. i wish i can cuti till nextweek. tp bos xnk kasi even cuti kursus pon xnk approved lg. Dear bos, plis la....
  3. i wish i can have a great tyme cuti ni....shopping wif ma mother, lepaking with dear frends and visit abah's grave.

ouh how i wish my dear,,,byeee...ade 15 minit lg tik tok tik tok...

ok, ini gmbr sy sedang meng-gergaji 'stay wire' tyme kursus cable.
Depa kata ngan badan2 check bergegaq tyme gergaji.. hahaha